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project part 2

Interactive and static plots of flops in super computers in 2015

Project Part 1

To display the super computer through out the years being used.

Hypothesis Testing

To learn more about hypothesis testing. And for quiz 13.


Boot strapping and confidence intervals Based on chapter 8 of ModernDive. Code for quiz 12.


Based off chapter 7 ModernDive. Code for quiz 11.

Data Visualization

A way to use the different types of graphs and using new library functions to be able to preform the new data graphs.

Exploratory Analysis II

To look at the different types of graphs that could describe the analytics in the forms of graphs

Joining Data

Code for Quiz 6, more dplyr and our first interactive chart using echarts4r

Data Minipulation

Code for quiz 5 and more practice with dyplr functions

Reading and writing data

Introduction to dpylr

Code and text for Quix 3

Summary Statistics

Comparison of R and Excel

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